Quality, health and safety

Quality of the services offered and products produced are of a high priority to us. We also value the safety of our visitors and staff on the business premises and on – site. RSC Avelo therefore has invested time and resources to ensure that we are ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18000 compliant.

Sales and Service

RSC Avelo sales and services are managed through a streamlined national network, effectively and efficiently serving customers using a unique data management system, enabling on time and accurate delivery of customer requirements.

Human Capital

Our people – shareholders, directors, employees, sub-contractors and graduates – in – training are our biggest assets and the driving force behind our success. Transformation is a key national objective and we at RSC Avelo believe that transformation adds positively to our bottom line because diversity ensures innovation.

The business is black –woman owned with woman constituting 58% ownership. Total black ownership is a moving target and currently sits at 64%. We are proud to say that all black shareholders are involved in the day to day operations of the business.

We are hands on, accountable and responsible for ensuring maximum shareholder value.

RSC Avelo is committed to continuously monitoring the market & offering the most comprehensive range of modern steel products.

“Physical Resources, with reliable steel supplies and machine manufacturing facilities, RSC Avelo is well positioned to deliver appropriate product solutions to its customers.”

Our services

We supply, cut, bend and fix rebar. We at RSC Avelo believe that it is imperative to deliver a quality product to our customers on time through our dedicated service centre. This is achieved by constantly evolving to keep up with the latest market trends in machinery and only using the finest grade materials to suit the customer’s every requirement.

Steel bending

Steel Bending

Rebar is bend according to drawing specification.  Excellent accuracy, trained and experienced operators ensure precision bending.

Steel Cuting

Cutting Steel

Rebar is cut according to detailed engineering drawings. High shearing accuracy and repeatability for all cutting requirements

51111589 - rebar steel bars, reinforcement concrete bars with wire rod used in foundation of construction site

Steel fixing on site

Rebar is fixed on site by dedicated fixing teams. We work directly from engineering drawings fixing the rebars and mesh, tying and snipping them off.


Estimate drawing

RCS Avelo employs a highly skilled estimating to provide the quality and responsiveness required by our clients.

12136186 - welder welding pipe grid

Weld steel

RSC Avelo provides you with the highest quality welding. Highest quality welding, fabrication and repairs!


Deliver steel to site

With strong leadership, admirable teamwork and a powerful vision, our staff are committed to only the best standards of service delivery.